Z Axis limit switch issue

My mandrill 3036 has been going great, but I had to setup a new machine and while working through this I run the homing auto setup when the Z limit switch did not work (as it topped out and did not stop) so I had to abort.
I have tried shut down and reset everything as well as deleted machine and start again with same issue.
Is there a setting for the limit switches I can check in the $# to ensure they are turned on?

$21=1 enables the hard limits - so that should be letting it acknowledge them.

The microswitch could potentially be fouled with dust as well, preventing it from making good contact.

Using the Machine Inspector function in Easel will allow you to see the status of the limit switches (although I believe you have to reset them each time)

Hi Jim

I have checked hard switches are on, machine inspector is not showing any issues.
Although if I go to the console within the inspector and click show status this alarm message continues to scroll through.
Mpos:0.000,0.000,0.000/BF:35,254 F5:0,0

Does mean something is wrong?


Not sure on the alarm message - will have to check on that deeper.

When checking in Machine Inspector - you should have something similar to this:

Where if you manually press the switch, it will turn the indicator green - this will tell us if the switch is working.

If it’s stuck in a loop of some sort, shut everything down, disconnect, and restart - to ensure there’s not a command error.

I have checked this and X Y works when pushed although Z does not go green when pressed.
I have disconnected all wiring from Z switch and from main control box (with the power off and disconnected from the laptop.
Reconnected everything but still no green light when either sensor pressed.


OK, so either there’s a wire/switch issue, or a input board issue.

Swap the connections at the rear of the controller - plug the Z into the X and vice-versa - then test the switches again to see if the indicator changes for the relevant “new” location.

This will narrow down if the issue is in the wiring/switch, or in the controller board, so we know what needs to be resolved.

Ok so I swapped the Z and Y connections Y sensor worked as normal in the Z connection but the Z sensors still don’t work.

Does this mean Z sensors are faulty?

Sounds like either a bad switch (odd that both would fail) or bad wiring (since that’s common to both)

Shoot in a support ticket, and we’ll see if we can get you a replacement wire harness out ASAP.

Email to support@yorahome.com

Ok thanks Jim

Email has been sent.