Yorahome only engraving single line

On our Yorahome 6550, we are using LaserGrbl.
We had the 4 pin red wire come loose and got it fixed.
But now, when we are trying to engrave anything, it is only doing a single line, instead of the pattern we are trying to engrave.
Any suggestions on what we need to fix to get this to engrave correctly?
Thank you in advance!

Make sure all the set screws are tight in the gears/pullies that move the belt. Belt is tight and not worn. And your stepper motor cables are actually connected into the proper ports and in good condition.

Sounds like you aren’t getting proper movement - you say a wire was damaged and repaired, are you sure it got repaired properly?

Before running a project - can you use the jogging functions and get proper movement?

We just tried the jogging functions. It is only moving left to right, not forward and backwards.
I also did not mention, we have 2 different lasers we have purchased through Yorahome, the 3018 and the 6550.
We are having the same issue with both lasers.
Please help