Yorahome 6550 40W Diode

I am new to laser cutting and engraving. Received a 40W diode for a present. I am trying to cut 1/4 inch Baltic birch plywood. Anyone have the best settings (power, speed, and # of passes for the diode laser? Thanks for your help.

With the 40W, you’re going to need multiple passes for sure - would also recommend air assist (new design coming soon) and an adjustable Z axis to allow for slight adjustment of height between passes.

I would suggest starting at around 40-50% power, speed around 1000 mm/min - and adjust from there. Start with some scrap wood, so you can fine tune to reduce charring.

Thank you. I have a Z axis installed and will lower after a couple of passes. I looked in Yorahome shop for an air assist to purchase and cannot find one. I am ready to purchase air assist to make laser life more enjoyable.

As noted; we have a new design of air assist that will be released soon - keep an eye out for that within the near future.