YoraHome 4th Axis Rotary Module is it worth the money?

Has anyone used the YoraHome 4th Axis Rotary Module on the 6550? And if so is it worth the money? I have the TLC Rotary Attachment but I am not impressed with it. I have never been able to get it setup right to engrave anything.

Biggest advantage to the 4th Axis is that you’ll no longer be relying upon weight/friction to rotate the item you’re engraving on - since the chuck has a firm grip on the item, it’s going to turn when commanded.

IMO, that makes it well worth the investment.

Check out the latest blog post showing the device in action:

HUGE game changer in tumblers. I too was frustrated with the TLC, as it does work, it is very selective on how the tumbler sits.

On to the 4th axis, With everything Jim already stated, it gives you the added ability to do repeat burns without worrying about miss alignment, this is the most important aspect of the 4th axis, as tumblers are not made equal, colors take different speeds and powers. I did a bulk order of about 30 tumblers and only screwed up one, I rushed it, so no fault to the axis. watch my video, I explain all the parts what they are for. Important note, the axis currently can expand to about 70mm, anything wider then that you will need an insert for the jaws to grip on. We have designed and provided the STL file for free download to print. I beleive you can request for a cost to have them printed and shipped to you. All other information is available in our blog, and a sent YoraHome community Email,

Thank you, Jim for your reply. I was looking at the X-Tool rotary but you and Shawn have convinced me “stay home” to purchase a rotary.

Thanks, Shawn. Good video. As I told Jim between the two of you I will be “staying home” to purchase a rotary.

my son has a 3D printer. If I send him the free download zip files is that he will need to make them?


Yes, those will print out the inserts needed for two of the most common sized Yeti’s over 70mm.

Out standing!! Thanks Shawn.