YoraHome 40w laser adapter

Hi Another query fo the 6060 is there a better method to add the laser to the carriage holder. With the adapter that came with the Silverback it only just grabs the laser with the thin tiny surface area of the ring. I find that with out stripping/straining the threads in the holder grab that the laser is just held and very easily knocked out of perpendicular if accidently touched on the bottom shield or trying to add the clip on shield. I would have thought a longer tube like adapter would hold much better friction wise and keeping the laser straight to the work surface. As the laser bottom ends up over two inches off the waste board when slid all the way down to the top of the laser it is very dicy trying to hold the laser in the bracket by just a few mm at the top. I already have two inches of packing added to the waste board to avoid the Z bottom limit switch for trying to setup a 10mm thick work peice.
Is there any other longer adapter sleeve available?
Thank You

I am not sure why your are not getting a firm grip on the laser. make sure the an edge of the laser is not in that bevel of the sleeve adaptor, and you should get a much better grip on the laser, just remember to tighten a little at a time and alternate between bolts to avoid unnecessary strain on the threads.