Y Axis shooting off

Carving on the Gorilla 6060 and Easel and halfway through carve the spindle went off course. Have reset, but it is coming around 100mm further off (the front) of the cut and making a grinding noise.

Have uninstalled the machine and reinstalled. Have reset up homing, but still coming too far off the front. The cut was fine, got as far as in the pic; then y axis moved forward. I reset to start point, tried starting again but you can see when the cut on the ‘s’ started, way off. Help!

Just done a check taking the starting point way back, and the y axis still comes way too far forward … so, how do I reset that pls?

If you have not already send a support email in. I got quicker support that way this this forum. Don’t take me wrong, this forum is great. It’s just I got help much quicker by using the email option.