X & Y not moving correctly on my 6550-PRO

When I press the Forward or Back move arrows a very faint click can be heard but the laser does not move. However, when the Right and Left arrows are pressed the laser moves Forward or Back! ???

I tuink two things are happening here, you have the wrong wires pluged into the stepper motors where the x and y motors are beside eachother, and your rotary switch on the back of the controler is on. Misprint on the box, O FOR on, I for off. If you are still having issues please contact support@yorahome.com

I’ll check the wire connections again and thanks for the info on the rotary switch.


I found the problem(but have a new one). The wires coming out of the drag chain was what caused the confusion. The X wire was long enough to reach the lower step motor and the Y wire was barely long enough to reach top step motor. So I had to open up the drag chain and remove the black tape to get enough slack for the Y axis wire to plug into the lower step motor. The X-axis now moves correctly but the Y-axis moves opposite than it should. Press the forward arrow and it moves back, press the back arrow and it moves forward. Is there a setting some where that needs to be changed??

Shawn, found the answer. Needed to change $3=0 to $3=2.


P.S. Also took your advise and put an order in for the limit switch with support this morning.