Will not move after starting

I have carved several projects succesfuly, but some projects I go through set up, homing and hit carve. The spindle is on but will not move. I have to shut down machine to turn off the spindle.
Most of the time it sets up a tool path but never tracks

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This could be an issue with lag in communication. Memory (amount of RAM) that your computer has regulates how many tasks you can have going at a time, in addition, if the computer has been running all day, it can slow down. A good processor also helps. I am running an i5 intel chip with 8gigs of RAM, and find I want more.

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I have a good computer, I have a tried a couple others as well. seems like a glitch in software?

Which program are you using to control the cnc?

IF this is easel the default safety height (height above the z zero) is set to 1/4" so if there is not adequate clearance than the software will alarm and stop the carve. . . This is a common issue with the 3018 newer users.

To see if this alarm is present you can go to machine inspector (Press Ctrl+Shift+D) and look in the console section after the carve had stopped and an alarm number should show and it’ll correlate to this list:

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