What is best way to do finish sanding on 3d carvied projects?

I have done a few 3d carved projects and one in particular has a few “marks” that I need to clean up but some of the marks are deep and in places where it is hard to reach without potentially damaging some of the 3d carving. When you have that kind of situation how are you doing the finishing?

I’m kinda confused as to how you got those machining marks in those locations.

If i have any machine issues during a 3d relief it would need to be redone because there isn’t really a good way to fix without its being noticeable. Sure you can try hand demeling it with a burr bit to try to fix it, but I’m pretty sure there’s no hiding it, only feathering out the damage which isn’t really going to work well to hide it on that particular project.

For your flag i probably would have reset Z zero a tad bit lower and reran the finishing pass.

Thanks Seth, I figured that might be the only real solution. I’m a bit at odds as to how it got those lines as well. Since they are a bit deeper than the actual engraving depth itself.

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