Upgrade my controler

Can I update my 6550 controller board to a 655 32 - bit controller? I have a 40 W laser using lightburn on a tower Acer windows 10 pc… Is this ready to go when installed ? does it come with all drivers and software?

Roger Lee
Vernon, BC, Canada

The 32bit board comes with the necessary mounting hardware. And uses the ch340 driver you already installed, that came on your USB drive, and what is available at my.yorahome.com for download. We do not provide any software, but recomend 3rd party software for laser engraving.

The only difference with this board, when using the “fire” button in lightburn or “focus” button in lasergrbl, your percentage has to be higher near 5 -10% in order to produce a visible beam, any less and the board wont output the voltage.

Hello Shawn
The USB drive I got (I bought the laser used from a friend who purchased a more powerful laser) was corrupted somehow.
Can I buy another Working USB drive as well as the 6550 32 bit board? I can’t find the USB on your accessories supplies.
I use uptodate LightBurn 1.3.01 as the laser engraver.
Thanks again for your assistance.

Roger Lee

Go tk my.yorahome.com. you can download the driver here, look at user manuals and watch videos related to our products.