UGS axis settings

Hi, am running a 3018 with expansion and recently fitted a spoilboard and switched over to UGS. Have been trying to calibrate the X, Y and Z axis settings but am spending a lot of time chasing the numbers. Is there,

  1. A way to reset to factory default settings or failing that a listing of what the settings are for $100, $101 and $102.
  2. Is there a smarter way to correctly calibrate the Z axis such as preferred bit to be used to measure or fixed point on the spindle.
    Thanks in advance
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There’s not really a “quick” way to restore defaults - but I have copied the 3018 values below. Since the 3018 doesn’t have limit/homing switches, the values provided in $130/131/132 will be ignored.

Not sure what you are needing for calibration of the Z axis - if you’re looking to just zero the bit to start a carve, that will vary depending on the bit, thickness of material, position of the motor, etc…

Most people are using the “paper as a feeler gauge” method to ensure proper zero height.

3018 Defaults:

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Thank you very much for this. I neglected to write down where I started and knew my settings weren’t correct. I was attempting to make sure that 1mm in the design was 1mm on the final cut and that was where things went wrong.

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