Trouble with a carving project looking for some ideas as to what is the problem

So a few weeks ago, a friend who makes her own cheeses asked me to create a “stamp” she could put into her cheese molds to stamp her “logo” into the cheese block. I took her logo, put it into V-carve (vectric) and carved it out. It came out pretty good. Used a v-carve bit (1/4 60 degree v-bit) to do the inner portion where the text and the logo was.

She was able to use it, but based on her tests it would be best if the text and logo were a bit deeper (the image above believe that was at 1/8 of an inch deep). Which brings me to my problem. I loaded up the same project, resigned the outside circle as the original one was about 1/8 inch to wide, removed the 3d bowl part since by the time we had trimmed it to fit the model the bowl part wasn’t even registering. I changed the v-carve depth from .0625 to .825 and other than removing the 3d image and changing it to just be a flat pocket using 1/4 end mill. I re-calculated everything and saved the g-code out and ran it through OpenBuilds for my g-code sender. However, my v-carve isn’t clearing properly it seems and I’m not sure why.

you can see a few spots where there is material left behind although according to the simulation it was all cleared. It also seems to have torn out some of the lettering. Any thoughts? Is it a settings issue? I don’t want to waste to many more boards (tried two different times thinking maybe I goofed up something when I generated the toolpath.

if I need to go deeper, should I look to use a 30 degree v-bit? it seems that going any deeper on this project than .0625 is causing it to tear out more of the lettering. The only real difference in setup is I had to rebuilt my original table I had the silverback on (the table wasn’t very sturdy and wasn’t level), the new table is level and doesn’t move when the machine is running. I’m sure the issue is user error, problem is I can’t figure out what I’m doing incorrectly for it to leave that material behind when it should have cleared it.

Ok, from my experience, first your using pine, spruce or fir. All 3, are very soft woods prone to chip out. I found with softer woods a higher rpm is needed for carving. Not sure of your feed rate but perhaps slow it down with the v bit. Second, in regards to your v bit, make sure you have selected to correct size in your tool path to what you are using, also, it will only go as deep until it thinks the bit will hit the two lines in the pocket. So if your max depth is deeper then when the bit hits two edges it will stop and not go any deeper. Either enlarge your image or use a narrower v-bit. You could actually use an end mill to clear, a large v bit 1/2in x 90 or 60 deg, as a second pass, then do a third pass with a 1/8in 30 deg bit to get your depth.

Hope I covered it all. Perhaps someone with more experience than myself will chime in.