Streaming error pop-up

I am running the YoraHome 6550-PRO, latest version of LightBurn on a laptop with Windows 10. I have also posted this on LightBurn because I do not know if this is a YoraHome problem or a LightBurn problem or a combination of the two.

I am getting this message and don’t know why. The only why to get rid of it is by rebooting my laptop. Just closing LightBurn does not work. I usually get this problem if a burn does not complete for what ever reason, which happen twice this morning where the first burn lasted 17 seconds and the other stopping just at 8 seconds. But now it’s popping up after the machine finishes homing.

Screenshot 2022-07-09 - streaming3




















































The green bar is indicating that lightburn is communicating with your machine, so when you try and close lightburn it is letting you know that you will stop the communication between the two. This is not an issue with the 6550, or with lightburn really, it is more a computer thing in my opinion. Unless your trying to close lightburn in the middle of a job. Try clicking on the stop button to get that green bar to disappear, if it does not then I would guess it is a memory issue in relation to your ram.

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Well hell. Maybe I need to install some more memory. If I let it set will it restart? Just click on Stop and the green line is still there. So I guess that’s the reason for really short burns.

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Install more memory or do less while engraving.

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Doing less engraving is not going to happen!! :grinning: :rofl: That’s why I upgraded to the 6550-PRO so I could do more and faster!!! LOL. So more memory is what it will be!

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Not do less engraving, do less on your computer while engraving. Save the memory for the engraving.

Sorry, misunderstood you. Still going to up the memory though because every so often my x-carve 1000 has stopped carving for what I thought no apparent reason.

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