Step motors locked up

had issues with Gsender plunging too deep during initial carve. ran calibration and manual jogging was all spot on. figured I may have created an error in my gcode creating the toolpath. using vetric vcarve destop. double checked the gcode using the web page, ( great tool) no errors. then I went to lasergrbl to try the jogging and all was fine… many hours later of troubleshooting and frustraion I switched over to my 15watt laser and done a quick photo burn with quick setup. no problem. reinstalled the spindle and tried the manual jogging and hit th ecenter home button by mistake and the board ran up to its limits on the Y+ & X axis quickly disconnected. manually turned x,y,z to a central location and decided to check the grbl settings. I had to reset the $100 and $ 101 back to 800 as they were on $100 = 560 and $101=1143.
the spindle speed was also at $30=255 so had to change that back to 9000 rpm. I still havent upgraded from the original generic spindle.
so after all that now I cant get any movement from x,y, or z axis step motors. I unscrewed all the step motors, but all I hear is a click from the arduino board. spindle wont turn on also. Ive emailed support but havent got a resolve. I have hit the reset button on the arduino board, no change. I’m out of ideas.
Appreciate any input short of a hammer.

Just to be sure - is the power supply outputting voltage? In the top left corner of the control board, are the 2 LEDs lit up, indicating that all voltages are present? Power button on for the control board?

The controller will connect to the PC using just USB power, but all the other functions require the external power supply to be operational.

The power supply will only supply power when you turn on the board to the stepper drivers.

The usb provides a small amount of power, will read the board, but does not power the stepper drivers.

When the power is turned on the controler, the board is programed to send a a signal so stepper motors are locked.