Size of the z-probe on the silverback

So I ran into an issue with the z-probe over the weekend (it’s size). I had some material I was working to carve (1"in think walnut) and was using a 1/4" shank 1/8 tapered ball nose bit. Even with the bit pushed all the way into the spindle to get as much clearance between material and allow for the probe, I couldn’t get the z-probe to work because when it would find the probe and raise up it would hit the limit switch would throw the “alarm” and lock it when using V-Transfer (vectric’s g-code sender). So i ended up having to use the paper method which wasn’t a major issue, but was wondering if there might be plans to provide a thinner z-probe? Or would I have more clearance when I switch to the makita router? Seems like depending on the bit, the clearance to use the z-probe is or can be a problem.

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You could make a custom thin probe if needed.

I known in many gcode senders (even easel) the user can define the retract height after probing but I’m not too familiar with vtransfer other than not many people use it.
Personally I prefer Openbuilds Control to control my machines. :man_shrugging:

raise the spindle/ router higher in the mount.

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Yes I find that is needed as well even when carving high reliefs. Higher sitting motor for longer 1/4" bits

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thanks folks. @SethCNC yeah, it came with my vectric software and I haven’t really explored the other options. I honestly don’t like easel primarily due to network requirements which is spotty in my shop. I’ll have to check on Openbuilds Control hadn’t heard of that and the local woodworking shop that did a cnc class all had cnc machines that had an offline controller (shark cnc and such). so didn’t really have much exposure to g-code senders outside what came with vectric (which was what was used in the class)

ohh, I see.
Local woodworking shop with a class featuring Shark cnc’s you say? That sound’s kinda like something Rockler would put on.

A lot of Vectric software users also use Universal Gcode Sender aka UGS, as the sender, which is closely oriented to OpenBuilds Control, its just that OpenBuilds has a Windoes 10/11 appearance/feel and UGS. So if you happen to watch any YouTube university with individual users of Vectric, they typically show UGS to control the CNC. I just wanted to throw that other software option out there in case you wanted another to take a gander at. :slight_smile:

Here’s my little intro to OpenBuild Control: Best CNC Software is OPENBUILDS CONTROL - Cool Features - YouTube