Silverback stops in the middle of a cut, needs to be unlocked

I am having a reoccurring issue with my silverback. At random points during a cut it will just stop moving on all axis. The spindle keeps running but there is no movement. Easel tells me the cut is complete. Trying to figure out if it’s software, controller or hardware related.

If easel is saying it is complete, and it is not, it sounds like it would be a software issue, whether its your tool path or an error in the code generated. Iwould email Easel support.

I often have the same problem, it’s so annoying especially after it’s been carving for several hours. I have put mine down to the dodgy internet we have here and easel loses connection for a while, when it reconnects it thinks it’s finished the carve. That’s the big headache with having to send the code to the machine via an online method. I would be much happier if I could send the code straight to the machine offline using the likes of candle or similar, but I’ve not managed to get this working yet. I hope it’s something the team at Yorahome will develop in the near future.

I actually do have the offline controller but I haven’t really tried it yet. I think I will give it a try. Thanks for the idea

Thanks Shawn I’ll try that


We do not develope software. All software is third party, and has nothing to do with us. There are many different processor softwares to choose from, my favorite being gSender, very user friendly, easy to set up. all you need is to process gcode for it to work, and that is dependant on design software used.

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As kye mentioned I could be internet connection related as well. and the offline controller does work also.

Just out of interest, if gSender is a favorite, why do you recommend and only provide support in the set up literature for Easel with the Silverback?

Gsender is fairly new software that has come out, and easel is the easiest all in one to start. We cant possibly offer support and help for all software thatbwe have nothing to do with. When you machine stips in a varve usually it is because you have tried to make it go outside its working area. Typically it is the z axis. Eother raise the material or try not to go so deep.