Silverback not running

Hi, long rant coming up,
Last week I updated v carve to v11.5, the machine is running open build controller v1.0.312.
I started a 4 hr 3d carve, and 3/4 way through it stopped, but the spindle was still running, the control panel of open build had a green box saying connect, when I reconnected, the spindle stopped, and would not restart the program, so I lifted the tool and re homed, I started the program again, but this time it stopped after 1 hr, exactly the same problem,but in a different place, but this time saying waiting for com port, I closed open build & restarted it, and it connected started to run the program, 5 minutes in, the laptop screen went blue(always a frightening site) and said there was a problem with USB ports and was closing down.
the laptop running windows 10 restarted, started open build again & restarted job, again ran for a short while then stopped again.
I downloaded g code sender and tried to use that, but this would not even home, gave error 9, I tried Lightburn v1.2.04, this would not work, gave error 9.
I went back to open build, and tried to home mc, but this time the position indicators were counting down but the axis were not moving.
when I connect to the mc, there is the usual noise as though the drives have energised, but all the drives can be wound using the wheels on the motors with no resistance
I have checked the drives and all drive units have a red & green light on, the mother board has two red lights, I have changed the usb cable , I have tried a second laptop running windows 10, and get the same results, don’t know what to try next

This could be an issue with windows or an issue with the controler. Please email to get assistance from our techs.