Silverback Dust shoe and hose question

So I have the Silverback and I’m running the dust shoe on it, but since my shop vacuum for dust collection is under the table the machine is running on the hose sort of lays across the machine. I’d like to do something to keep it out of the way the gantry. What are others doing? I’ve got a 3d printer if there are some things I could even 3d print to more or less provide some way for the hose to be able to move with the gantry but not get in the way of the gantry.

Also, on the dust shoe, the bristles seem to get twisted around the bit pretty easily, and then it causes it to plug up because it can’t suck the dust into the hole which seems to be pretty narrow to begin with. Anyone else have that problem? If I raise it so it won’t crunch the bristles the dust shoe doesn’t suck up the material.

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I hung mine above my machine and also zip tied the hose to the z axis motor so it moves with it, and left enough slack so it can lower without issue.

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I have installed a zipline sort of system and bungee cords that allow plenty of movement while holding the dust hose from above. It works perfectly with my 4" dust collector hose

as for the bristles well, that is a common issue with dust shoes that move up and down with the Z axis, I prefer a dust shoe that is mounted to the rear part of the Z that maintains the height setting and does not move up and down, this allows me to set it to the height of the top of the wood and leave it there, bristles don’t get bent up and for the most part, when coupled with a higher flow dust collector, it works quite well… I haven’t seen one of these for the SilverBack yet, but I’m looking as making something for my own use that will do the job. If I do finalize a product I’ll make sure to post it to this forum for others to make themselves, But I figured I’d mention this in case you wanted to look into a similar alternative solution…

One other thing I’ve seen people do is to trim the bristles shorter especially near the bit, so short that they definitely cannot reach the bit when they ben inward… this might be the best option for you right now.

Thanks, for the inputs. I did trim the inner bristles and try to adjust the shoe based on the item i’m carving to try and keep the “chips & dust” down. I still need to figure out something for the hose. I don’t have anything over the area I’ve got the silverback to hang any thing from to hold the hose up. Might have to build me something that I can attach to the gantry or to the table to hold the hose up and allow the hose to move freely without getting in the way of the gantry or the router.

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