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Starting a thread to share my projects with anybody who might need some inspiration :smiley:

I recently added a silverback to my growing collection of CNC’s so not all of these were carved with the Silverback, but the Silverback is certainly capable of carving every one of these projects.

I have a few videos coming up that depict how I do some of my projects, and the videos that feature the silverback will be posted into this thread as well.

  • The next video being the Silverback assembly and Easel setup, along with my recommendations of modified windows settings to ensure the machine does not loose comms. :+1:

  • I also have a laser to add on and some other modifications planned as well.

(USMC TM License # 20267)


Fabulous Works Seth!

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Thanks Alban, hoping to add more with the Silverback real soon!

They are great Seth have these been composed in Easel carved with Easel


The 3d relief ones were done with Carveco Maker, and the others were composed in Easel.
Some of the fonts were brought into Easel as SVGs using Inkscape to turn my windows installed fonts into usable formats for Easel to handle.

I printed out somw of these vwheel covers for my SilverBack to keep some of the dustaway from the Vwheels.

If you happen to have a 3d printer, the free .stl to print your own set is available here: YoraHome SilverBack CNC Dust Cover Set by SethCNC - Thingiverse

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I couldn’t resist printing out a few more unnecessary accessories :laughing:

Linear Rail Slot Covers - Hide your wires! by sheffdog - Thingiverse
2040 End Cap by Windwolf - Thingiverse

Testing out some new software for 3d and had to carve something, why not get started on christmas projects in the middle if june? :rofl:

The cnc did perfect, The toolpathing from this software needs some work though…

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As soon as i get them uploaded I’ll update this with the link to a thingiverse file post with the free files for this dust shoe design. It’s a rear mount, stationary (in regard to up/ down movement) dust shoe with a 4" outlet.
Theres another small bracket for the top limit switch and this allows independent adjustment of top and bottom limits and allows for an extra 20% z travel just by adjusting the limit switch trigger brackets.

I have a 2hp harbor freight dust collector and this design allows me to get good video of the carve and picks up 95ish% of the dust & chips. Since it doesn’t move up/ down with the spindle there is no worries if brushes getting stuck in the bit like I’ve seen happen to others.

Oh and as an added bonus I’ve designed with FDM printing in mind so almost all of the parts print with no supports at all. All holes use teardrop shape to eliminate excessive overhangs as well. The only part that requires support is the main outlet pipe, but I may revisit this design to see it we can eliminate supports entirely.

What bit did you use on this design?

Sorry but I’m not sure which one you mean, It doesn’t tell me which you might have clicked reply under… if you’re on a PC you can right click Copy, then Right Click Paste it into another comment and I’ll let you know what bit & include the cut settings if I still have the project saved. If on phone you could screenshot the photo you want to know about, then click the photo icon to upload the photo. :+1:

It was the Santa Claus head

Ohh, the santa was carved with a 1/8" endmill to rough, and a 2mm ball bit to finish. I was using a software that’s still in it’s infancy and they are still working on making it support tapered ball bits, but I prefer using a much smaller tip (0.5mm diameter) tapered ball bit as they can achieve a lot more detail than the 2mm ball and are actually stronger due to the tapered design.

Easel (and the majority of CAD/CAM software, for that matter) doesn’t really allow for that, you will need to ensure that the design will fit on your desired workpiece.

A quick workaround is to use Easel to draw an outline shape (say a large circle) that is the same diamter as your workpiece - then place the rest of your design within the bounds of that circle - acts as a reference point for positioning.

Then just delete that element prior to carving

Im receiving my silverback tomorrow new to cnc been doing scroll saw work for awhile do uou know when you’re going to post the video on the Silverback set up

There is already one in our knowledge base ay, and you can also find them on YoraHomes youtube channel.