Resurfacing for the first time

I am attempting to resurface my spoilboard for the first time however my sufacing bit will not reach the surface of the spoilboard without hitting a limit. I have the bit just barely installed into the collett and hit the limit about 1/2" above the surface. using the Makita router all the way down in the holder. any suggestions?

Surdace using the 500w spindle.

It’s the same length as the Makita.

the spindle can be lowered more than the makita. I.E it sits closer to the bed.

Using the spindal would allow me to get 1" closer to the bed, which would still leave me very close to the limit with the bit barely inserted into the collet. But in order to use the spindal i would have to remove the router cord from the drag chain. I have a bit extension coming tomorrow so i think i will just wait.