Questions about etching Stemless wine glasses on the CO2 with Rotary Roller

Ok, so I’ve been using the Roller Rotary tool to do tumblers and I even did my first set of stemmed wine glasses last week. I’m trying to do the stemless version of the glasses (or really any shaped glass that won’t sit properly on the wheels for the Roller Rotary.

Do you guy’s have an ideas on if/how this can be accomplished on the roller Rotary? I’ve looked at several youtube videos but they are all using rotaries that have some sort of clip with a wheel that clips holds the glass in place on the motor side. I’ve not see any examples of the rotary style we have for the Yorahome being used for etching glasses. I figure the chuck style might work although with glass I’d be afraid it might shatter it. I’m hesitant to by the chuck version as I don’t really have a justification for it (not selling enough items to warrant the purchase) which is why I’m trying to make due with the roller style till I can build up the requests to justify switching to it.

I asked this question on the facebook group but no one has replied so either no one is doing stemless glasses or my question is too vague.

I’m mainly trying understand if someone else has already solved this problem and how so I can try to replicate it.