Projects taking unbelievable amounts of time!

New user here! I’ve had my 3018 about a week now and have learned a lot through YouTube. A major issue I continue to have, and can’t seem to figure out, is why my projects are taking so long to complete (most recent one simulated a 129 hours). It is simple script lettering, .125” deep using a v bit on a 4x7 piece of oak (the 20* bit that came with the 3018). The cut settings are standard for the bit and material being used. I did order more bits as the one being used is for fine detail.

Thank you, I Appreciate any help!

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Really depends on the project - keep in mind that those engraving bits are cutting a path only 0.1mm wide. So, if you’re trying to carve out a path that is 6mm wide, then the machine has to make 60 passes around the design to reach that width. Same with the depth - at 0.125", that’s about 3mm - if you go with 0.3mm depth per pass, that’s 10 passes to reach that depth.

Over time, you’ll learn that the bits selection will be crucial to project speed.

By comparison - if you switched to a 3mm flat nose bit, you could do that same width in 2 passes, and could probably cut your depth passes in half by increasing the depth per pass.

If using Easel, you can always adjust the feed rate while the job is running - if using a soft wood, you may be able to run a lot higher speed, just use caution so it doesn’t bind up or chatter.


Jim- I really appreciate the reply along with the breakdown of measurements. Learning to piece it all together, but still having a tough time with how long projects are taking- doesn’t seem like others I see take this long to complete.

Really struggling figuring out depth/feed/etc combined with the proper bit, to make the process move a bit faster.

Thanks again-

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Unfortunately that is the nature of the beast, need to learn what bits do what, how fast you can push them, I am still figuring all that out. watch as many youtube videos about your software of choice and about bits, I typically do a rough pas with a larger bit then a detail pass for my more detailed cuts. With that said, buy some 1/8 end mill bits and 1/8 ball nose bits, with a 1/8 shaft which will fit in the 3018 and you should see a difference in your times, then play with feed depths and speeds.

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