Project not carving


Been using my new 3036mandrill and learn heaps, but have an issue now that I need some advise.

I designed a simple line pattern in Easel and go to cut setup moving x,y & z no worries set z probe but when I go to setup zero I can not move head into position.
If I click use last position I can not start spindle either.

How do I reset the unit ?
Thanks in advance.
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First I am going to ask if you ended up hitting a limit switch. If so you will need to unlock the machine. And then raise your material so you activate the switch while carving. If not try resetting the computer and turning the 3036 off and on .

Ok, so I have shut down computer and CNC restarted everything even deleted the saved machine and setup new machine with all parameters setting up fine with all axies moving correctly, spindle working and z probe setup.
I then setup a basic cut to test everything go to carve step through the setup there homing works fine Z probe setup fine but as soon as I move to setup the XY zero the arrow controls are not usable.
As mentioned if you click last known zero to move onto start spindle the spindle start button is not selectable either so no spindle start.

So easel seems to be locking your machine after your prob with the Z axis. Either your material is to low and your hitting the limit switch on the way down, or more likely since you think it is working fine, the retraction is bringing it up to hit the upper limit switch on the axis. So I would check to see after you prob, look at your z axis and check if it is pressing against the upper limit switch. If that is the case then raise your spindle in the bracket and also set your bit deeper into the spindle. To have more travel so when the z axis retracts after probing it won’t hit the limit switch.

I have checked z position with no issues sitting mid way on axis.

I did try some instead of using the Z probe I set up z height on manual and all worked fine.
Went back to auto setup and as soon as bit touches probe the xy controls fault out.
I am presuming that the z probe maybe faulty?

If this is a new machine, I have not encountered this problem before. Send an email to give all the details, machine, and issue, videos and pictures if possible. Good luck!

Thanks Shawn, yes it is a new machine I have had it for two weeks so I will email support.

Thanks for you help.