Ortur Laser Engraver Y-axis Rotary Roller

Does anyone here know if a Ortur roller will work with YoraHome CNC Laser Engraving Machine 6550?

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Welcome, have you checked yorahome’s webpage and looked at the rotary that is available there? That will work with our 6550,

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Many rotaries will be cross compatable as long as they use matching stepper motors, however they might use a different plug.

The specs on these 2 things are rarely included in the listings and youd need to either risk it and buy and test, of contact them and ask, or play it safe and purchase the YoraHome version that is intended for that machine. :+1:

SethCNC, thank you for you response, how would I know if the motors etc. were compatible?

I already have the Ortur roller and I am thinking about buying the yorahome laser.

Our machines use standard NEMA17 stepper motors, and the stepper drivers will work with most motors used on the market - but where you’ll occasionally find a conflict is with the internal wiring of the stepper motors used by some vendors.

In fact, we had an issue with that with some of our earlier rotary accessories, until we got the supplier to use the same motors.

One thing to check that may help with the decision - the stepper motor cable used and the wire order on them.for our machine is red/blue/green/black at BOTH ends of the cable. Some motors will use a similar cable, but with the blue and green wires swapped at one end.

As long as the coil wiring in the steppers is the same, it should be able to drive it with no issue - worst case, you may just have to swap a couple of wires to get it to “play nice”.

Really obvious if the coils are crossed - any movement attempt will result in the motor shuddering, rather than actually rotating. This is due to the signals trying to work against each other.