Offline controller for the silverback

I thought I had seen a comment somewhere that there was an offline controller in the works for the Silverback like there was for the 3018. Is that still in the works?

or has anyone setup a raspberry pi to do this? I thought I saw something where Tony did a setup with a Raspberry PI to act as an offline controller for the Silverback, but didn’t see it in the yorahome youtube channel (or I missed it if it was there).

I’m currently running both my 6090 and the silverback off a little nuc style computer and while it works, but I’d like to be able to do the cnc without the desktop if I could. I’m good with either the Raspberry pi method or if there is an actual offline controller coming, I can wait for that.


Using a Pi would be more akin to a remotely controlled pc, still using the usb port to send the gcode.

I belive the 3018 offline controller works with the Silverback, but i haven’t verified it and i belive you’d need the 10 pin version that includes a homing feature. The 8 pin usually in a simple white housing version lack homing function and could still work, but homing would need turned off in the settings and be taken into consideration when setting up toolpaths…

3018 offline controller unfortunately doesn’t work with the Silverback - but we do have an offline controller that is compatible with that machine (and the Mandrill).

Working on details/product page now, hope to have it active soon.

As Seth noted, using the RPi isn’t exactly a true “offline” controller, but is a workaround - I think Tony had that on his personal channel, not an official process as yet.

Keep in mind that some of the RPi builds don’t seem to play well with the CH340 drivers natively, so still some kinks to work out.

for the RPi, yeah, i know it wouldn’t be a true “offline” controller, but would allow me to not have to tie up my nuc for both so I can better run two projects at the same time. I could put a small touchscreen on it to create it’s own “controller” and such. Yeah, I’d have to research the right os build for RPi that would support the drivers.

It would be relatively cheaper than buying a “new” system to support the cnc, and could give me an excuse to dust off my RPi’s sitting on my shelf. If there is an offline controller released even better :slight_smile:

yep, figured the existing 3018 offline wouldn’t work due to homing but that’s such a helpful feature that I’d rather have it and use my pc for now than turn it off.

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When it comes right down to it - the actual running of the machine doesn’t take a real fancy computer - I am running most of our showroom on a bunch of Walmart PCs that ran in the $300-350 range…

Mixture of laptops and AIO machines, and we’ve got 2 silverbacks, a 6550-Pro, the 65100-Pro prototype, a couple of 3018s, a Mandrill, 60W CO2, 100W CO2, and K40 CO2 - just move the laptops around for most of them, the desktops are “dedicated” to the 60W and one of the Silverbacks.

But then again, I am a bit of a nerd - I think at last count we have something like 16 PCs around - plus all the other gadgets

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