Need Help installing Software to 6550 Pro Please

Hi I am suffering a bit at the moment with myeyes so finding it hard to read. I have assembled my 6550 Pro with the help of the viodeo on how top assemble the machine. It does mention at the end that the next video would be on installing the sofware and doing a test burn. Can anyone point me to that video please.

I dont think that video has been made yet unfortunately, but the manual has a step by step huide for both laser grbl and lightburn installation please follow that.

Hi Shawn. Thank you for taking the time out to contact me regarding the situation i am in. That is a shame that the software and test burning video hasn’t been done yet because the assembly video was excellent especially with the tips.

I wonder if you could help me with how to start the software installation. At what point does the engraver have to be connected to the computer and at what point do you turn it on.

Many thanks.

The engraver needs to be connected at all times while in use, Whichever software you decide to use will not be able to comunicate with the contraol board unless the power to the engraver is on, USB is connected to the computer, and the e-stop is not pressed.

The manual in pdf format on your usb/micro sd card will have all those steps.

I appolagize for the inconvienence in the lack of videos, but we have been swamped.

We do offer a free 1 hour 1 on 1 VIDEO call, all you have to do is contact and ask for it.

Hope this helps.