Loading a photo

when i load my image thru LaserGrbl no image shows up on the screen and the laser only operates in about an 1/8 inch square…help…processing on gimp…saving in jpeg…this is my screen when i download image to grbl

Looking at what we can see in that screen capture, it appears that what you’re seeing is precisely what you’ve described, and it’s trying to do exactly what it’s been asked - in this case, trying to put a picture in a work space that is 3.7mm tall and 3mm wide.

When you import the image, it SHOULD try to default to the size it detects - which will be in the dialog box shown below. You can resize the image by changing these values (note, if you change one, it will change the other to maintain aspect ratio - this can be deselected if you want to skew it).


Now - the key thing to remember is that LaserGRBL speaks metric - so those measurements are in millimeters. If you intended for your image to be 3.7 INCHES tall, and 3.0 INCHES wide, you’ll have to convert that to metric - 93.98 mm H and 76.2 mm W. (My guess is this may be where the error lies)

The reason you aren’t seeing anything displayed is because the software simply is unable to translate how to get your picture into that tiny space.