Limit switches vs homing switches

I’m brand new to CNC and just setup my 3036. I’m setting up the machine on Easel and it’s asking me if my machine has homing switches and I’m not sure how to respond. I’m not sure if limit and homing switches are the same thing or not.

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Hi William :wave:

Yes, they are one in the same.
Limit switch is the product, Homing the machine is their function.

It really can come down to semantics - as Seth mentioned, the product named a limit switch is used, but homing is the function.

For even more confusion -

If the machine has switches at BOTH ends of each axis, then those would generally be referred to as “limit” switches; as they will limit movement at both ends of each axis which could potentially cause damage.

If the machine only has switches at ONE end of each axis (such as our new 6550), then those would generally be referred to as “homing” switches, as they are only used to set the home position in one corner of the work area. A machine set up like this will not have any protection against running into the frame at the opposite ends of each axis.

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