LaserGRBL and YoraHome lasers - update!

Updates to LaserGRBL and YoraHome machines…

Hey there, everyone - we know that there have been lots of questions about figuring out the settings to use in LaserGRBL - and which settings in the Material DB to use with your machines. Unfortunately, it usually resulted in “check the spreadsheet that we provided” and “they only list machines that they have tested”; which meant they simply didn’t have the information to add it to the program…

Thanks to some great work from our own Keri Spring, we’ve been in contact with the developer of LaserGRBL, and we’ve now got our machine information into the DB!

Verified in version 4.9.4 of LaserGRBL, the settings graciously provided by Janice C. Sherriffs have been added to the Material DB (see screenshot below).

The developer has also now had the opportunity to review the new 6550-Pro - check out the review results here:

As a part of the process, we also had a Q&A discussion with the developer and yours truly - once that is public, I’ll try to remember to post it over here.

Can also check out their YouTube channel here:

A big thank you to the YoraHome team for making this happen, and our appreciation goes out to Diego at LaserGRBL for helping us make this a reality!

Where can I download this chart??

The chart I pictured above is a screen shot from LaserGRBL.

The spreadsheet that it was derived from can be downloaded from the Knowledge Base, here:

Thank you, Jim. I got the 6550-PRO awhile backso hopefully this chart will save a lot of testing and wasting of material.