Laser stopped working

Hello from Australia … I have a yora home 40wt laser but for some unknown reason it has stopped working. It will frame and start but the blue light is off. Can someone offer a solution? Thank you

Is the fan running? If not check the button too of the laser module. As a second point, make sure the wire is fully seated inside the harness on the laser and in the control board. Then, if those still have not corrected the issue, there is a good chance that the wire is broken somewhere, try wiggling it to see if you get a connection. Common places for the wire to break are close to the harness connections on the laser and the board. Also, a good idea to clean the lens of the laser if you haven’t in awhile.

Hi Shawn … thank you for your quick response. We’ve checked everything, cleaned the lens and it all works as though cutting but the blue laser light doesn’t come on and the fan doesn’t run. We’ve tried the little switch too but it won’t turn on the light. I suspect the laser may need to be replaced. Perhaps you could give information how to get one.
Thank you

Ok, the x and y axis motors are independent of the laser module. Have you made sure your wires aren’t damaged and are seated properly in the connection? Try turning on the laser and wiggling it trying to make the connection (if it is damaged) check the pins in the harnesses to make sure they aren’t bent or damaged and go into wire as they should. If all this fails go back to and make your way to laser accessories and click on laser modules, and make sure to select the one you want.

We’ve tried all that … checked all the wires, pins, connections … no luck. Looks like it’s dead. Will check accessories on home page.

Thank you for your assistance


I have ordered a new model :smile:

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The 6550 pro is a sweet machine! But a completely different machine. Good choice! And questions check out the knowledge base at the top, and ask away!

Well … another learning curve for us. Looking forward to the delivery … :smile:

Apart from the duel y axis motors, and axis carriages (side mount ) the concept is the same. As this is a 24v system the diodes for the older 6550 will not work on this machine. It has a 32bit board, built in air assist, and all the extra safety features, A real sweet machine! Watch Tony’s assembly and trouble shoot video, again, available in the knowledge base. You won’t be disapointed, and don’t be surprised when you torch a few projects, this diode is powerful!

Wow!!! It arrived this morning … just three days after it was ordered. Hubby managed to put it together but not in 2 hours … :laughing: We watched the video on the assembly and hopefully will have it ready to try tomorrow. Will send updates.