Large projects done with the 65100-Pro

OK, so we know some people have been watching for more info and seeing the new 6550-Pro in action - so ran the camera for a couple of jobs.

Note that this is the machine with expansion, so technically a 65100-Pro - but no significant operational changes to the laser or burn settings.

First one was just a quick line art project:
Using LightBurn for control
Speeds at 2000 mm/min, power 40% I believe
Long video, but not timelapsed…

Next one was a lot longer, partly due to me still figuring out the settings, and just letting it run as it was - you can see that we probably need to run the fill a lot faster/lower power to prevent the charring…
(oh, and yes, the video goes dark for a few minutes - turned the lights in the showroom off out of habit and it took me a few minutes before I realized what I did…oops)
Using LightBurn for control
Speeds at 1500 mm/min, power 60% for line, 50% for fill
Really long video, but not timelapsed…

Can see the machine here:

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