Is the 3018 pro capable of Vinyl cutting?

Does anyone know if the 3018 pro can cut vinyl? Like for vinyl stickers?

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No attachments that I am aware of.

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One could add a drag knife to it and that might work IF there is adequate clearance to fit the tool under the spindle without hitting the Z assembly / Spindle clamp…
You’d also need a 1/4" er11 collet to use that particular drag knife though…

Ive also seen lower profile 3d printed solutions that use the same knife cartridge that the circuit or silhouette machine uses…

As Seth noted- would need some sort of modified assembly.

Will also need some means of holding the material in place - like the sticky mats a Cricut uses. Would need to put some sort of additional spoilboard on the machine, so you have a nice flat surface to use.