Installed new control on my 6550-PRO now getting error messages

I installed a new Control on my 6550-PRO and now get the following message:

The work area is set to X=26.0 and Y=20.0. Since taking the screenshot I have moved the start position to the lower left. Where can i find the GRBL settings for the 655-PRO? Maybe something in the current settings are wrong.

Are you sure your not using the 6550 with new 32 bit control board? I am asking this because of your bed size, although not correct your y axis bed size is closer to the Old 6550 frame with z axis installed. If it is indeed our New 6550 - PRO, (upgrades for the old 6550 doesn’t make it the pro) Then you can change your bed size in device settings 25 inches for the x axis and 19 inches for the y axis.

If you have the old 6550 with new 32bit board, Turn off homing in device settings, This should clear up that error. (this does not have limit switches)
If you have the New 6550 Pro home the machine before starting work then jog the laser around using the the jog bittons in the move window. And change your bed size to what I indicated earlier.

I am using the 6550-PRO. I bought it in June of this year. I have the bed size of 26" x 20" as that is what the manual and web page says it is. I did home it first but it did not stop at the Y axis Limit Switch. After some looking I found the Y switch lost the thin metal spring(for lack of a better word). I have some ordered from Amazon.
After that first home if I hit a move arrow is when I got that message. I did notice that the message only opened when I had the start position set to Current Position. If I changed it to Absolute coords the message did not open but the laser did not move. Either way I got the red error in the Console screen.
I will reset the bed dimensions after I get the new limit switch installed.

the work area defined on the website is 650mm by 500mm, which is approx 25 x 19 inches. With a limit switch damaged and not working, for now turn of homing. And I hope the one you ordered off amazon will be compatable with ours. Next time contact for assitance. At least to guide you.

No problem resizing the bed. Here’s a picture of the website info I went by. Also, a screenshot of the limit switch. I’ll contact support and check with them on the switches. I canceled my limit switch order for now.