Idiot #2 at the wheel

My question is what is the proper position of the motor in the holder and bit in the collet suppose to be ?

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Hello hawkeye,

You can position the spindle as high or as low as you like. Really the thickness of your material can also dictate this. If you don’t have enough z travel up to clear your material and you have some spindle to spare you can raise your spindle as long as the whole bracket has spindle to clamp onto.

For bits inside the collet, you will want to make sure they are in deep enough but are not clamping on any of the cutting edge. Push the bit in until it stops and pull away a little so it isn’t bottomed out, or push it in until you are almost at the cutting edge, whichever comes first.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Shawn,

Thank You for the information, I will give that a try

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