How to choose the right bit

so my first carve lasted about a half a second…when my bit broke. does anyone have any advice or helpful links to use to determine which bit a project should use? My carve was using pine and because of the project, I had to use the .8mm bit if I didn’t want any uncarved areas. I’m pretty sure my speed was too low and in Easel’s defense, it did say that they hadn’t tested the material/bit combo I was using, but a .8mm bit seems tiny for any job. Is there any setting where the bit would’ve survived or is the .8mm bit just too small for what I was asking it to do and maybe it’s intended for other applications?

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Personally, i dont use endmills under 2mm diameter.

If I need more detail than a vbit or a tapered ball bit is used.

Bits under this size will really need the depth per pass and feed rate reduced a lot in order to survive the deflection forces caused by pressing the edge against the wood while carving.

If you could provide the settings used we could probably provide some advice on what would need changed to have a chance of it not breaking… but in my shop, that size wont even make it into the machine.

I just took the auto settings from Easel, I think 10000rpm, 30in/min feed rate, 9in/min plunge, .05 depth per pass. I only have the bits that the 3036 came with and didn’t know if the engraving bits would do the trick (also not sure how to enter the engraving bit into the software). A correction to the original post, it was the 1mm bit that I broke, I still have the .8mm bit.

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That depth per pass is a killer. Maybe 1/3 of that and there would be less delfection forces…
And also half the feed and plunge rates to help reduce those forces as well…
Then the 1mm might survive for a while longer.

To enter the engraving bit you’d select vbit if youre entering it into the toolbox, if using the quick access bit panel on the right, youd have to scroll down to the vbit section and select the angle and the width is the diameter of the widest part of the cutter. If its the engraving bits that came with the machine then the width is 1/8" (3.175mm)