Good Morning, 6550 and 3018 Pro user

Good Morning, 6550 and 3018 Pro user.

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Welcome to the group

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Hi, I am having trouble with the Y axis not going full distance
Created a circle and box and a line dimensions were 60 mm on all
Y axis cut to 48-50 mm while X axis cut the full 60 mm

I have adjusted the wheels and the timing belt and could not change the
movement on the Y axis

Any suggestions

Thanks in advance


Without knowing what machine or software you are using, I can only guess by saying your starting point is preventing you from getting the full length of your axis. Your starting to high up on the y axis, so your limiting out before the full length can be acheived.

If the Y axis isn’t moving the entire distance, it could also be a configuration setting off - can you post a screen shot of your GRBL configuration settings, in particular the $100 and $101 values?