Getting my head around 4th axis setups 6550 pro & silverback

Hi I am having trouble getting my head around the setup and engraving for the 4th axis on the 6550 pro and 6060 carving. Is there a video that shows the setup for each one as far as positioning of the 4th axis chuck and the connection for either one. The videos I have found have been showing different orientation of the chuck and it seems very confusing that the videos I have seen have them setup on different axis has setup videos for each machine.

Thanks Shawn I have watched those videos. I don’t have Easel program, is there another that will work with the 4th axis. I use Carveco Maker Plus and Openbuilds controller

Google 4th axis setup for carvco, we have not done a video for it. The process will basically be the same, just how and where in carvco I do not know.