First cut not working

Setting up my CNC3036 as first time user.

I have run through the full setup ready to cut everything starts up moves to work piece lowers towards material then rehomes
itself and shuts off.

I have tried multiple times with new machine setup all do the same thing?
Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Could be a couple of different things going on here -

If using the Z probe, is the height set correctly?
In the project (assuming Easel) - is there a preview on the right showing what will be carved? If too large a bit is selected for the design elements, it simply cannot carve anything.
Are you potentially hitting limit switches, due to spindle not reaching the workpiece?

If you have multiple machine profiles set up now, that is a known conflict issue - need to remove the unused ones and stick to just one profile.

Hi Jim

I have now deleted all machines setup one new one.
Set thinness of Z probe, I can confirm no limit switch’s being tripped.
Bits size is 1/8 in and when simulated shows full cut od a simple square.

I have run this now with all suggestions checked.

Spindle starts, moves into position lowers to about 6mm above material (19.3mm thick) travels in Y direction for about 10mm then returns home and stops.
Carve on screen still shows 96% left on job.

I don’t know what else to look at.

Regards GundyTrev

Hi Jim

Update I have resolved this issue thanks, all working perfect now.


Great to hear it is working - what was the issue?

Might help someone in the future with a similar problem.

Issue resolved;

Rookie setup in some parts and probably not well explained for the following to revolve my issue.

  • When setting up Z-Probe you need to go into the settings and set the thickness of your probe.
  • When i used the probe in setup i zeroed the probe ontop of material not the bed thus making the Z height higher and no cutting happening.

Hope this helps others and at the very least i have had to play & look into settings that have made me learn a whole lot more early in the piece.

Happy CNCing everyone.

Regards GundyTrev