"Find my laser" can't find my machine

Hello. I am using the Silverback with the laser diode. I installed all the software that is on the thumb drive including Lightburn. When I click the button “find my laser” it does not recognize my machine. The control module is on, the laser diode is on, but it still won’t recognize my machine. Any help or recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If you follow the steps in your manual, it will take you step by step on connecting the laser the software you choose to use. Find my laser doesn’t work. If I recall.

Hi Trevor I just in the last couple of days had the same problem. All I did to get working was setup with manual settings which just needs a few inputs. Then just send the $32=1 command in console to change to Laser

My manual doesn’t have the setup for the laser. It just has the steps of how to install the laser to the machine.

Thank you. I will give this a try.

As noted, the GRBL controllers typically do not respond well to the “Find my laser” function.

Add machine manually

Select GRBL controller
Select COM Port
Set machine size, and homing if desired.

Then machine should connect in the future as long as that Device profile is still valid

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