Expanding the silverback to 24x48 or even 48x48

So question, I know there is the expansion to 1mx1m but I’m needing to make some items that are the width of a sheet of plywood (my wife likes to build yard ornamentation and today has to do this with a jigsaw). I was wondering if there is a way to expand the silverback to at least 24x48 and use tiling to cut larger items? would the existing controller work with something like that or am I going to need to look at something like longmill or openbuilds to build a second machine that can work that set of dimensions. having to jigsaw those large cutouts is wearing on her, so wanted to see how I can make this easier on her. So was wondering if there was a way to expand the silverback out to that dimension. if not that’s fine will see what other options we have.

Unfortunately the largest expansion we have is 1m x 1m.

That I understand, what I was asking is there a way for me to buy components to expand it myself and if someone in the community has done that.

What all would I need to identify what parts i would need to “build” out.

for the gantry rail for example…need say a C-rail, screw and replace those two pieces and these wires need to be replaced for the motor. just trying to think through options (maybe cheaper to expand what I have vs. buying a new machine just for that purpose.

Morning, Bill -

The C rail and lead screws are probably going to be the biggest challenge to locate - you may find trouble in the 12mm size. If you have to switch to a different diameter/thread type, you’ll also have to replace the backlash assemblies for them to match.

Wiring is wiring - I would suggest a complete wire run, as opposed to splicing - might be able to just get extensions for the wiring that match the connectors, since those are an “off the shelf” connector type.

The controller will work just fine - it physically doesn’t care what size the machine is; just have to update the appropriate configuration settings.

For example, $130 and $131 get changed from 600 to 1000 when we upgrade to the 1x1 machine - same controller, just tweak settings.

If you have to change lead screw diameter or threads, the $100 and $101 would have to be adjusted accordingly to obtain accurate movement.