Error pop-up on start

I am running the 6550-PRO 40 watt laser with Windows 10 and Lightburn 1.2.00. The x-axis works like it should. But the y-axis does not move at all. I got the Fire button to work but not the Frame. In the Move window if I press the Y-axis in either direction the error message pops up. It also opens if the Frame is pressed.

Screenshot 2022-07-05 121555

I have tried both the Current Position and Absolute Coors button.

going to start with telling you to flip the switch at the back of the control box, that should engage the y axis, then i would like you to send photos of your device settings page. If getting it to home does not fix the issue that is.

Here’s the screenshot. I pushed the switch but the “y” only moves backward. I have the jog set at 1" If I jog it back four times it will only come forward 4 times.
I moved the switch back and now the “x” is doing that same. If I jog it 4 times it only comes back 4 times. move it to the right

I think you have the original 6550. in the console window type $3=3 and it should correct your inverted movement. I also attached a photo so you know where to look.

Now if I hit the right jog arrow the laser goes left.

Shawn I have to go. I will be back in the morning.

in the link above is a table for $3 values, go through those until your axis move in the proper direction.

With the 6550 PRO (confirmed your recent orders) - once you get the movement on X returned to normal - Check out the video posted by Mark regarding roller adjustment - this can cause many issues, particularly on the Y axis.

Once all the movement is correct, make sure to run a “homing” cycle on the machine, so it knows where it is in relation to the switches - this may be contributing to the error.

I figured once a home cycle happened it would fix the error. But then realized he said 40w laser, and then thought he had the older version.

Also @Jayhawk714 if you have the pro, then turn on autohome on startup. All your $ values should have been correct to start. Sorry for the miss understanding.

Shawn, I got the $3 fixed and I also set the “auto home on start up” to on.
The laser did home on the x-axis but now I can’t the the x-axis to move unless I hit the start the the laser will go all the way to the right until it hits the right rail. I also noticed that when the laser homed on the X-axis a blue light comes on. Is that suppose to stay on or should the laser move so it goes off.
I was on the LightBurn forum thinking at first is was a LightBurm problem. I was working with a member and tried several things. One thing he had be do was switch the X & Y plug -ins. The Y did move doing that. And he felt the problem was either a bad Y cable or a bad controller. Your thoughts on that?

that is a possibility, I did notice the connections were a tad stiff when assembling mine, and was concerned I would break or bend a wire. The wire is quite fragile, send an e mail to This will generate a ticket (history) and the support will take of you.

Okay. Just now sent a message off the support. Want to thank you so much for all the time you put in trying to help me. I am to the point of thinking it might be the Controller with what the x-axis is doing now also.


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a broken wire will make the steppers do funny things. it will act all spazzy

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You are right on that. Guess I’ll wait and see what support comes up with.

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Hi Shawn, just wanted to let you know my 6550-pro is up and running!! Geno sent me an email and said to flip the switch on the back of the control box, the exact same thing you had me do. And for what ever reason the machine homed for the first time and everything was good! Burned a couple of things today. Still don’t understand why that did not work when you had me do that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking: :thinking:

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Me either, lol. However, glad your up and running! Have fun.