Engraving photo's on wood

So i’ve done a few photos’s on scratchboard and such and did a few photo’s on some ornaments with my old diode (6550). on the 6090 100w, has anyone done this and what were some of the general speed/power settings you used? I’ve watched a few various video’s on youtube and i’ve seen some people using like 100mm/s with 11% power up to 400mm/s with 55% power on CO2’s. I get that the range is going to vary, but that seems to be a pretty dramatic range of both speed and power.

I’m sure the wood also affects that as well, softwoods probably burn easier with lower power vs hardwoods. I’m just curious for those of you that have done this with the yorahome machines what settings you used. More of a baseline than anything.

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Keep in mind that those power settings are the MAX - the software will adjust accordingly, just not exceeding that max power.

Will have to look and see if we have documented the settings we’ve used - haven’t done a lot of photo work with the CO2 (primarily cutting projects at the moment)

yeah, most of my stuff has been cut or engraving basic text/svg type images. Not really photos, but I’ve gotten a few requests to do some photo’s so just doing some research on this.

i realize the power is the MAX settings, I was just surprised that some people were using 11% max power vs others using 55% and various speeds