Debating upgrading the 3018 - few questions

Upgrading 3018 Pro question:

Debating upgrading the base 3018 model with an expansion kit, 500w spindle and dust boot. I am trying to gauge how much stronger/faster this machine will be…and if the smaller cost is worth it, as opposed to just buying a larger more powerful machine.
*is there a small dust collection system dedicated to these smaller models? Or one found to be efficient with these machines?

Thank you!! Still learning here!

I have a 3018 pro I bought new.
Soon afterwards one at a time I added the bed extension kit,
Then the upgraded 300 watt spindle kit.
Both upgrades did help my process.
But I now want more.
The problem is that knowing what I know now I wish I had just
purchased the silverback/makita router combo
from the beginning instead of throwing money
into my 3018 and still not being satisfied.

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@RC_Jones gave a pretty good answer - really depends on what you are wanting to do with the machine ultimately.

Many people have upgraded the 3018, but it will still be limited by the design.

The Mandrill and Silverback are much more robust construction, and will give a lot more flexibility.

Per your last question - we do have a dust shoe available that will work with the 3018/Mandrill?3018 upgraded spindle - check here: