Cutting g depth on Easel

I am really happy with easel, apart from one thing…it doesn’t seem to be able to make shallow cuts.
1mm depth almost always cuts to 4/5mm.
This is getting “quite” annoying, anybody got an answer to this?


Because the Inventables Z Probe is 14.99mm and the probe provided with the SilverBack is 20mm, it sounds like the probe thickness was not entered during the setup OR it’s been erased and I have found 4 ways to cause it to be erased under normal uses. BUT I’ve only found one good was to see whether it’s been deleted or not and here’s that test:

Start the carve sequence and probe your Z zero, then Press the X at the corner to exit the carve sequence. Then use the jog commands to lower the bit until it’s just touching the material, then go into machine inspector (press Ctrl+Shift+D) and see what the Z machine location says.

Alternatively you can try a carve with the paper method of setting Z and see if that carves your 1mm perfectly, then repeat using the Z probe and see if it goes 5mm, this would indicate that Either the probe is entered as the wrong thickness OR the Z calibration is set wrong in grbl settings. But since the probe setting issue is very common, I bet it’s the issue…

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You are most kind…off to annoy my wife by “messing around with that noisy thing” right now!

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Actually thinking back at this again, the probe being 20mm when set to 14.99 would actually make it carve 4mm up in air instead of extra deep :man_facepalming:

The caring of Extra deep could be the calibration though, IF when setting up the machine in Easel one accidentally selects the “Xcarve” option then the cnc grbl settings including those for calibration of X,Y, and Z will be set to the X-Carve. So I mean its most likely either something to do with the probe or It may be the calibration issue and you can test this by measuring how much the axis actually moves versus how much you tell it to move with the jog function.