Cut depth issue

I’m doing a simple sign which has a raised cross set in a 1/2" pocket, I want to add text to the project within the same pocket. when I set my cut depth at 5/8" as I understand it that should give me a carve depth for the text of 1/8" yet when I run the carve the V bit never even touches the wood. The pocket mics to 1/2" so I assume the issue is not with the drive of the Z axis.
Any suggestions?

Would be very helpful to know what software you are using. But, My first guess is that you didn’t re zero your z axis, and the v bit is much shorter than the bit you used to create the pocket and cross.

using Easel, I zeroed the bit using the probe but it seems the software is not capable of realizing the pocket was cut out and therefor think the depth of the V bit is to deep as it thinks the wood that was removed from the pocket is still in place. I was able to work it out by treating the pocket area as a new project, and probing to the depth of the pocket, as well as changing the minimum safe depth setting in my machine settings so the bit would not collide with the raised cross.