CO2 Rotary - Roller setup/use

So I got my CO2 Rotary (Roller) today, albeit with some missing parts unfortunately, which I have reached out to support about. In the mean-time, is there some documentation on how to setup the CO2 machine to use the rotary? I can’t find any documentation related to setting up the CO2 rotary. I’m not seeing in in the Facebook group guides section, and not finding a youtube video about setting it up. So was hoping someone has some pointers on how to set it up with the Yorahome CO2 machines (i’m running the 6090)

Good evening -

Just checked in with Tony, who is working on the setup video for the rotary tools - he’s hoping to have that ready by the weekend, if all goes right.

There are some specific steps needed to get it set up properly, and I don’t want to give you incorrect info on that - but a few of the basic things:

  • Need to start up the machine with the rotary NOT connected/enabled; otherwise it will not be able to complete the homing at startup
  • The selector switch on the front of the machine (with the 1-0-2 position indications) is what switches the Y axis output from the normal motor to the rotary - so you’ll want to position the Y axis over the area where you want the roller to be placed on the bed before switching.
  • Will need to get the correct measurements on the item to be engraved, so that LightBurn can properly calculate the rotation settings.

I’ve given Tony a heads-up on this thread, so hopefully he can provide some more info - especially with the video.

We are also reviewing the ticket you sent in so that we can determine what may have happened during shipping, and make sure we get any missing parts shipped out to you ASAP.


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thanks Jim! Looking forward to the setup video. Tony always does a good job, so no worries on waiting on that.

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Tony also just reminded me that the controller will need an update flash - will be covered in the video process.

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Bill, we have the 100 W CO2 and the rotary so you can reach out to Geno too.

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I watched the setup video that Tony made. good information, but while he mentioned the need for a controller update, it wasn’t covered in the video.

Also, when setting up the rotary in the laser bed…how or where do you place it? does it matter so long as you are able to define the workspace? it seems in the video he used the upper right corner which is the default “origin” for the CO2 laser. on the 6090 since it has a pretty large work space, was just curious where others set the rotary and how they define the “start” point in Lightburn in relation to where the rotary is set on the laser bed.

excited to start using the rotary once i get it in working condition.

Hi Bill, I did not put the controller upgrade video in due to the time of the video. There will be a link in the description to that video but for now, here is the link so you can get rolling.

Watch this video and see if you can get it flashed. If you have any problems let me know. Also the placement of the CO2 machines are typically at the top right of the bed.
Let me know how you make out and if you need to we can have a call and get you up and running.

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Thanks Tony, I’ll work on that later today once I get off work

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hey guy’s, I’ve watched Tony’s videos, i’ve updated the Rudia controller and got the new rotary “tested”. Now my question is on the 100w, how do I move the Y axis since that is now driving the rotary and when the laser homes, it is not over the rotary, and it is “locked” in place so I can’t move it by hand.

also, how far into the corner do I need to put the machine.

Another question, on the Steps per rotation, if my units of measure are in mm, with 6000 steps per rotation as in the video, it rotates like 4-5 times so I assume the 6000 steps needs to be changed to be in line with the mm measurements?

I’m close to being ready to start trying out the rotary but, just a few things I’m not sure about and don’t want to screw up the machine :slight_smile:

nm on this one, I re-read Jim’s comment about positioning the laser over the rotary where I want it to burn before switching the Y to the rotary.

I also need to remove the rotary from the bed before restarting the machine, correct? otherwise it won’t home correctly?

With the rotary on, (I am not sure if this works for co2’s) but when I use my diode I make sure to use current position, and when I get my laser where I want it, and position the cup where I want it, I than hit “set origin” and the laser head will move back to where I want and the cup will rotate back to where I want.

Hi, Your correct, you need to leave the switch on 1 (Yaxis) when you turn the machine on so it homes correctly, then position your laser just where you want it over your tumbler then switch it to 2 (rotary).
One thing to note with the Ruida controllers is with lightburn when you “Enable Rotary” it sends the new settings to the control board so if you leave “Enable Rotary” on and then lets say turn everything off and tomorrow you turn your machine on you will notice that your machine will not move around correctly or be limited, and that’s because the rotary settings are still programmed in the controller.
You have to remember to have your machine on and connected and THEN turn the “Enable Rotary” option in lightburn OFF so it send the correct settings to the controller. Kinda a pain i know.
Tell tail sign you forgot to do that is, you turn your machine on and it homes and then you try to move the Y Axis down and it only goes half way and wont go anymore.

ok, got a new question on the CO2 rotary setup. I’ve followed Tony’s video and I’ve done a quick “test” on a taped up tumbler (also did a glass jar we were putting in the recycle bin).

The burn is coming in crooked. It starts fine, but as it rotates, it appears to be a few fractions out of whack. Is this something I need to tune on the roller? I’ve got the front and back roller wheels aligned with each other, but the glass jar and the tumbler both have the lines not meeting up properly (I’m not worried about the ends at this point as that is just fine tuning the steps per rotation). Here is what they look like…as far as I can tell the rotary itself is square to the platform. I measured off the solid part of the bed and squared up the front and back of the rotary there so unless the bed is not square. What do I need to troubleshoot to get this lined up correctly?

If your resting it on the threads that will shift the tumbler.

I didn’t have it on the threads. I had the front roller about .25 in in front of the tape towards the top of the tumbler and on the bottom side far enough in that the pegs for raising and lowering the back section didn’t hit the tumbler. I should have taken a picture with the tumbler in place to show where it was. I’ll do that tomorrow when I get back out to the shop. It seems to be off by the same amount regardless of the size of the object. The glass jar was 2.8in diameter and the tumbler where I set it on the rotary was 2.97in diameter. Can this be caused by the rotary being out of square? or is this due to something on the rotary itself? rubber on the drive wheels, drive wheel out of square? or could the tumbler be moving slightly on the wheels as it turns?

anyone have any ideas on what I need to tweak to address the skew of the burn?

As it rotates, it tends to “walk” the cylinder slightly - if you place the item on the roller and just let it keep rotating, you’ll find that it will move as it continues to rotate.

Don’t recall if that rotary has a post/roller to keep the item from moving laterally - or if you can place the item towards the motor end and rotate in a direction that causes it to move TOWARDS that end, where it will ride against the housing, preventing it from moving any further?

@Jim_YoraHomeTeam ok, this is what I was seeing last night. I took the tumbler and put it on the rotary and manually turned it and used a pencil to draw a line, essentially I got a spiral as the tumbler was “walking”. It’s enough of a walk that things would definitely not line up correctly if you had a burn to do a full circle. I didn’t see this issue in Tony’s video where he burned all the way around, but maybe he did it in a way that prevented the issue. It appears that the motor end is pushing the object away from that end so as it “walks” it is moving away from the end with the motor…if I weigh the object down, would that help? Is there a way to tell it to rotate the opposite direction?

Weight may help, also see if you can adjust the height of the far end roller just a bit, as that may be enough to get it moving the other way, against the structure.

It appears the item is pretty much a cylinder, but if the far roller is a little low, that would cause it to move that way while turning.

thanks, I’ll test that out.