CO2 Rotary - Roller setup/use

So I got my CO2 Rotary (Roller) today, albeit with some missing parts unfortunately, which I have reached out to support about. In the mean-time, is there some documentation on how to setup the CO2 machine to use the rotary? I can’t find any documentation related to setting up the CO2 rotary. I’m not seeing in in the Facebook group guides section, and not finding a youtube video about setting it up. So was hoping someone has some pointers on how to set it up with the Yorahome CO2 machines (i’m running the 6090)

Good evening -

Just checked in with Tony, who is working on the setup video for the rotary tools - he’s hoping to have that ready by the weekend, if all goes right.

There are some specific steps needed to get it set up properly, and I don’t want to give you incorrect info on that - but a few of the basic things:

  • Need to start up the machine with the rotary NOT connected/enabled; otherwise it will not be able to complete the homing at startup
  • The selector switch on the front of the machine (with the 1-0-2 position indications) is what switches the Y axis output from the normal motor to the rotary - so you’ll want to position the Y axis over the area where you want the roller to be placed on the bed before switching.
  • Will need to get the correct measurements on the item to be engraved, so that LightBurn can properly calculate the rotation settings.

I’ve given Tony a heads-up on this thread, so hopefully he can provide some more info - especially with the video.

We are also reviewing the ticket you sent in so that we can determine what may have happened during shipping, and make sure we get any missing parts shipped out to you ASAP.


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thanks Jim! Looking forward to the setup video. Tony always does a good job, so no worries on waiting on that.

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Tony also just reminded me that the controller will need an update flash - will be covered in the video process.

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Bill, we have the 100 W CO2 and the rotary so you can reach out to Geno too.