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I use V-Carve Desktop by Vetric to create my designs and would rather stick with this to send cutting info straight to my machine. I find Easel very limiting, the free version, and had already bought V-Carve because I have upgraded from the small Sainsmart 3018 machine to the Silverback. I hadn’t realised when I upgraded that YoraHome only seem to support carving through Easel, which is a bit upsetting.
Does anyone else use V-Carve and if so, what settings do you use to set up the Silverback in the machine settings of V-Carve please?

Our boards are GRBL, and are compatable with any software that supports GRBL. I beleive sainsmart is GRBL based as well. So there should be no difference in setting up whatever post processer and software you use to execute your gcode.

As an example, I design in Vcarve Desktop, and have udes easel to send my gcode to my machine, but currently use Gsender as my gcode sending software. And I also have a silverback 6060

Might be a bit of confusion - it’s not that we only support carving through Easel - this is just the program we recommend for the majority of users, due to simplicity of use.

We do realize there are other options out there - that’s why we have partnered with Carveco to provide subscriptions to that software as well.

As Shawn noted, a number of us are using VCarve with our machines for more advanced tool path generation. As far as machine setup, simply have to create a “custom machine” profile - here are the settings I used for my machine:

I do have the Easel post processor in there, as I often use that to send the files to the machine (again, simplicity of operation for majority of users - as Tech Support, have to support the entire customer base).

But, I also have the generic g-code processors as well. Using those post processors, the software can generate the tool path files, and then you can use the machine control software of your choice - as Shawn also noted, gSender and UGS are good options. I did try to use Vectric VTransfer, but I found it limited in function.

Please let us know if you need any additional information

Somewhat related note - we will reach out to Vectric to see if we can get our machines added to their database of machines for easier selection.

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I use Carveco Maker and Openbuilds as my sender on my Silverback

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