Carving/cutting stars

I have a couple questions, here is the project. I am making wooden flags and I would like to use my 3018 Pro with the extension to carve/cut the stars for each of the 9 rows in the Union. The dimension of the flag is below the image. I want the stars to have the same diameter of 30.52mm along with the appropriate star gap width and length.

  1. What is the best bit to use to carve/cut these 9 rows of stars? This will be used on primarily regular 2”x4” whitewood/spruce/fir and on other more exotic wood possibly later.
  2. Can this be setup in LightBurn or Easel Pro easily?

Thanks for the help any and all advise is much appreciated.

US Flag

The US flag and it’s proportions
Width (A) 495.4 mm
Length (B) 941.4mm
Stripes width (H) 38.1mm

The Union
Union width (C) 266.8mm
Union length (D) 376.541mm
Star gaps - width (E) 26.754mm
Star gaps - length (F) 31.213mm
Stars diameter (G) 30.52mm

Yes, once you get the fundamental skills of positioning and measuring distances in either program, it will be very easy to create these flags.

I would personally use a v-bit to carve out these stars, 90deg or 60deg depending on how deep you would want them to go, 60deg would be deeper. The added bonus is sharp points on the stars when using the v-bit. The v-bit will also work well in harder more exotic woods.