Calibrating step motor

The step motors on the silverback 6060 are not moving the correct distance. Ive tried to send the reset command and this changed the step/mm but the measurements are still off. What would the correct values be?

For Generation 1 of the 6060, the $100 and $101are 160, for generation 2 and up, they are 200. The difference is because of the type of lead screw used to move the axis. If you have purchased within the last year that value should be 200. Also should be in the user manual.

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To piggyback on what Shawn posted - to identify which you need, take a quick measurement of the lead screws on the X and Y axis - if they are 10mm diameter, use the 160 value for $100 and $101. If they are 12mm, use the 200 value.

Is this something that occurred recently? There have been some reports of a recent Easel upgrade overwriting the configuration, and it screws it up quite badly - last page of the manual should have your default settings

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