Best process for laser engraving clear acrylic?

I am wanting to etch onto clear acrylic with my 40 watt laser… I tried using blue painters tape as a mask , but the results were very inconsistent. Would paint be better? Also any settings y’all have used that were successful would be great! Thanks!

Janice did cover some of the acrylic settings in this blog post - will check for additional resources as well.

Thanks Jim,
I had reviewed the settings and they are extremely helpful, where I’m having the challenge still is what is the best thing or process of masking the clear acrylic to get a good etching in the acrylic…

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That will vary greatly, as there are different types of acrylic, different thinckesses, etc.

I’ve seen latex paint, painter’s tape, used on the outside, on the inside…May take some trial and error.

Usually when I am trying a new material, I will take one sample piece, and a small design - try burning small areas and different methods to see what works right, before wasting an entire piece.

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Any suggestions for a starting point for the acrylic in the YoraHome 3D LED Table Lamp?

The blog gives some suggested settings for clear acrylic, but I don’t know how those tests compare with this product. Also, mask with what? Mask front or back?

Alternatively, is there an option to buy samples of the same acrylic to experiment with?